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Deposit And Withdrawal
Deposit ProcessWithdrawal Process
  • 01Log in to the "User Center" and select "Deposit".
  • 02Select the payment channel and input the payment amount.
  • 03Check the information and click confirm payment after confirmation.
  • 04Payment succeeded and capital injection completed.
  • 01Log in to the "User Center" and select "Withdrawal".
  • 02Verify the account information and input the withdrawal amount.
  • 03Click Submit and wait for the funds to arrive after confirmation.
You can Deposit or Withdrawal anytime, anywhere
SWmarkets trading platformSupport online Deposit and Withdrawal, Trading order, view real-time quotation and other functions
  • Provide instant quotation
  • Easy operation, flexible ordering
  • With risk control functions such as stop loss and profit
  • Support quick deposit and withdrawal


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