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Contract for Difference

Concept A contract for difference is a contract signed by both parties. The contract takes the price change of the subject product as the subject matter, and the trader does not actually own the product.

Advantage Compared with traditional finance, it has many advantages and can be traded at any time and place.

Stock Index
24-hour Trading
Global Market
Low Input High Lever
T + 0 system
How To Make A Profit
Price difference contract provides two-way trading and profit opportunities
Both rise and fall can be profitable
You think gold will rise. If you buy a gold price difference contract, you will have the opportunity to profit from the price rise. This process is "long"
On the contrary, if you think gold will fall, sell a gold price difference contract. If it meets the expectation, you will have the opportunity to profit from the price decline. This process is "short"
Lever Principle
With leverage, you don't need to pay all the funds. You can double the trading of a financial instrument by paying a certain proportion of margin.
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